Tuesday, May 24

Luxury Private Submarine is the Best Place to Watch the Oceans Boil

A render of the U-Boat Worx submarine in Monaco harbor.

How long ‘til the sea level rises enough for this sub to complete a lap of Monaco?
Image: U-Boat Worx

There are three things that are just so hot right now: electric vehicles, autonomous driving and the planet. One submarine maker has combined these three hot trends to create an autonomous EV in which you can escape the scorched surface of our planet.

Dubbed the Under Water Entertainment Platform, or UWEP for short, this private submarine offers the perfect viewing platform for our boiling oceans.

According to its designers, U-Boat Worx, the UWEP is a self-driving, electrically-powered submarine capable of diving to depths of up to 650-feet. Once you’re beneath the waves, you and up to 119 other guests will be able to enjoy its luxurious, air-conditioned surroundings, bougie bathrooms and even a fully-stocked galley.

A 3D render of the U-Boat Worx private submarine with chairs and a bar set out.

What a great space to see in the end of the world.
Image: U-Boat Worx

Once you’ve made the most of the submarine’s on-board facilities, you might want to take a moment to enjoy the slowly-warming oceans around you. And I’ve got good news for you, the UWEP has 14 windows with which you can gaze out into the depths.

What’s more, the vessel will also be fitted with “a series of exterior lights to illuminate the surroundings.” Guaranteeing a fleeting glimpse at countless soon-to-be-extinct species.

The 115-foot sub boasts a 24-hour battery life and 1,600 square feet of floor space, which U-Boat Worx suggests can be configured as an underwater restaurant with 64 seats, a subsea gym, a deep-sea casino or even the perfect wedding venue.

A render of the restaurant in the electric submarine with fish swimming past the windows.

Those rays will all be dead soon.
Image: U-Boat Worx

This means the world’s millionaires will soon have 24 hours in which to celebrate the love of their life, while also admiring the countless ocean species that will soon be unable to survive in their current home, thanks to the impact of the above-the-surface excesses from their land-walking counterparts. Isn’t that nice?

Of course, this ridiculous submarine is just a concept for now, but the firm behind it is “currently reviewing opportunities with pioneering entrepreneurs and leading hospitality groups to select the most suitable locations.”

So, who knows, instead of the VIP guests at next year’s Miami Grand Prix leaving by private plane or personal train, you might see them all heading out for dinner aboard a private submarine. Imagine that.


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