Saturday, May 14

Traffic Jams: Laura Les – ‘How To Dress As Human’

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Photo: Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

We’ve talked about 100 gecs here on Traffic Jams before, but both Dylan Brady and Laura Les are fantastic musicians on their own. Much of Brady’s work is in production, for artists like The Neighbourhood, Dorian Electra, Charli XCX, Alice Longyou Gao, Rico Nasty, and Left at London, but Les’s roots are in the Bandcamp Life.

“How To Dress As Human” is from Les’s 2017 EP i just dont wanna name it anything with “beach” in the title, and it’s been stuck in my head on repeat for days. I can’t get it out, no matter how many times I listen to it. Or listen to anything else. It’s there forever now.

If you liked the hyperpop energy of 100 gecs but want something a bit more… approachable, check out Laura Les’s backlog through Bandcamp or on streaming. She still has that independent music energy, but all of the production value of her big-stage collab.

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