Sunday, May 15

Traffic Jams: Anamanaguchi – ‘Air On Line’

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Any car enthusiast who lives through the ‘90s and ‘00s knows about chip tunes, the time-honored tradition of modifying your car’s ECU for more power. But how many of those enthusiasts also listen to chiptune? My friends, welcome to a whole new world.

Chiptune uses the sound chips of arcade cabinets and retro consoles like the Game Boy to make custom 8-bit sounds. Those sounds can either be the entire song, or (as Anamanaguchi does) contribute to a larger whole — getting guitars, drums, even vocals into the mix.

If you weren’t a fan of chiptune before, give it a shot. It’s a fun genre, with sounds you likely won’t hear anywhere near the Top 40 or Billboard Hot 100. Try something new, and you just might like it.

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