Wednesday, May 18

What Names Have You Given Your Cars?

It’s Zoe!

It’s Zoe!
Photo: Andy Kalmowitz

Naming your car has been a popular pastime since they first hit the road over a century ago, and there have tons of great names through history. We’ve got Eleanor the Mustang, Herbie the Love Bug, The Mirthmobile and my personal favorite: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Those are all great and fantastic, but we wanna know: what have you named your cars, past and present? Oh, and also why? There’s usually a pretty good story behind why you’d choose to name your car something.

For example, I’ve had four cars so far in my relatively brief stint of being able to have cars. I’ve named all four of them vastly different things

  • 2000 VW Passat – Sally (No idea why I chose this. I was in high school, man.)
  • 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Donna (She was a sturdy, sturdy girl)
  • 2006 Ford Explorer – Ron (Named after Ron Burgundy because the car is… burgundy)
  • 2007 BMW Z4 – Zoe (It’s a Z thing)

As you can see, there doesn’t have to be any intrinsic meaning behind what you name your car. Sometimes it just works. That being said, if you do have a good story behind why you chose your car’s name, do share it with the group. We love sharing here at the Jalopnik dot com. You can also use this time to come up with a name for your car if you didn’t already have one.

It’s a Friday, after all. No need to think too hard about this. All names are accepted. I’m not here to judge. Well, to be fair, I might judge a bit during Monday’s answer article. With that being said, enjoy yourselves. This was a long week. You owe it to yourself to kill some work time writing comments on an internet article.

So, lay it on me folks. What have you named your cars, and why did you do it?

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