Tuesday, May 24

These Are The Worst Cars Of The 1980s

A photo of a red Yugo car.

Photo: Yugo

“I’ll go with the Yugo. Or the four-door version, the Wego.

“Ah, the 1980s, when pickup trucks were real, still designed for the working man, and priced around $7-8K. Instead of today’s modern luxo-barge designed for the contractor suit so he can check on his illegal minions and bring them a bundle of shingles or 2x’s from time to time, and get a nice tax write-off so he can afford the $80k price.”

Alright, we get it, the Yugo isn’t a perfect car. But if we all celebrated our imperfections a little we might all be a bit happier. Imagine a world where we all drove Yugos, what a place that would be!

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