Thursday, May 19

Jalopnik’s Twitch Streams Are Moving To Tuesdays

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I want to lead this blog with an apology: I know, you spend the entire front half of your week just waiting for Jalopnik’s weekly Twitch streams. They’re the shining light of your Thurdsays, the only things left that make sense as the work week starts to draw to a close. Well, I’m sorry, but there will be no stream to shepherd you into the waiting arms of Friday this week.

Never fear, though. We’ll be back next week, with a new time and a new goal: Making the front half of your work week a bit more palatable.

That’s right, we’re moving up in the world and in the week. Jalopnik will now be live on Twitch every Tuesday, starting at the same time as always — 4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific. Join us for our usual weekly round of car-related games, automotive chitchat, and general raw, unedited take-spewing. If you want the experience of hanging out in our Slack channel, Twitch might be the closest you’ll get.

With any luck, our move to Tuesdays will help brighten up the beginning of your work weeks. Monday is always such a slog, and then you have to go back on Tuesday? It’s borderline cruel, but we’re hoping a dose of Jalop inanity can add the good kind of unusual.

We’re still keeping our eyes peeled for other events worth streaming too. We’ve done new car launches and auto show discussions, and there are even more stream concepts up our sleeves. If you can’t make Tuesday afternoons, rest assured you won’t miss out on the Jalopnik Live experience.

We’ll miss you this afternoon, as I’m sure you’ll miss us, but we’ll see you again this coming Tuesday and every Tuesday to follow. Each week, from four to six p.m., on the Jalopnik Twitch channel,

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