Tuesday, May 24

Traffic Jams: BONES UK – ‘I’m Afraid Of Americans’

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The cover song is a delicate art. There’s a balance to be struck between honoring the original, but making something wholly new. For every Head Like A Hole or Hurt, there are thousands of covers that never step out of the shadow of the original song. It seems BONES UK has figured out the trick: Make sure Nine Inch Nails are somehow involved.

“I’m Afraid Of Americans” may originally be a Bowie track, but BONES UK’s cover is more inspired by Trent Reznor’s “V1″ mix than the initial album release. Distorted guitars, synth accents, and a video with plenty of guns and Big Macs make for a tone more akin to Nine Inch Nails than their 1995 tour partner.

BONES UK recently recorded an original track for the Netflix series Arcane, so fans of this Bowie cover can look there for more. And, after hearing this track, why wouldn’t you?


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