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These are the Most Fun Cars Under $15,000

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Hands down, there’s no car more fun than a fox body Mustang. With 225 hp and about 300tq or rear-wheel drive fun, these are little bits of nostalgia that people typically remember fondly as they made appearances in countless music videos and movies. For kids of the 80s and 90s, these were the quickest affordable cars out there. It wasn’t uncommon to see 5.0s in the school parking lot throughout the 1990s.

The fox body Mustang was made in mass numbers, and parts are readily available. They’re infinitely customizable. With the right heads, intake and other little engine bits, those SBF motors can make some stout power. You can definitely overpower that chassis, which adds to the fun too. There was no ABS, no traction-control. It didn’t even get an airbag until 1990, and then there was only one. Drum brakes were the only option on the regular production cars, until the 1993 Cobra.

These Mustangs were around before more modern models became the epitome of Cars and Coffee jokes.

This era of Mustang has already bottomed and is on the rise. Some pristine examples have set records in the six-figures. Though it is getting harder to find good ones for <$15k. The market for these is hot right now, and for good reason. Here’s a clean one at a fair price.

Plus, who doesn’t like 4-lug wheels? These 10-hole wheels were originally on the pre-1987 GT, that then made their way to the LX.

I’m not sure I’d agree that there isn’t a single car more fun than the Fox Body. After all, we live in a world that contains the FK8 Civic Type R and any number of drift-prepped Corvettes. Still, neither of those cost fifteen grand — the Fox does.

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