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These Are The States You Say Have The Best Driving Roads

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Stop laughing and hear me out:

I know most people – including most Ohioans – think of our roads as pothole-riddled, permanently under-construction hellscapes full of rusty trucks and salt-covered Audis all driven by asshats. And that’s true in the urban areas.

But a good chunk of Ohio is rural, and since it’s a relatively wealthy state, many of the state routes are kept in decent condition (unlike some neighboring states). And while “driving road” instantly brings to mind routes like Tail Of The Dragon, I’ve always found a good mix of switchbacks with stretches of long, flat straights or sweeping curves makes for a more pleasurable drive than constant curves and elevation changes. Think of the Nurburgring – lots of corners, but lots of straights too. That is pretty much all of Ohio south and east of I-71. So much so that it’s where Car & Driver, Road & Truck, and multiple manufacturers go to do road testing.

Some of the best ones are OH-56 through the Hocking Hills between Athens and Laurelville, though I recommend going on a weekday due to people visiting the parks. Route 160 through Vinton County is completely desolate, well-maintained, and free of cops. Pretty much any state route in Wayne National Forest is going to be a great drive – 218, 223, 93 and 775 in Gallia/Lawrence counties are some of my faves. And if you prefer more leisurely drives, Route 7 and Route 52 along the Ohio River are great “small town US” drives. I also love US 50 between Wilmington and Chillicothe.

You’re a bit weird for this, but I respect a differing opinion. You said that shit with your chest. The road testing bit is a compelling argument, however. As a Penn State alum, Ohio is a miserable hellscape that no one should ever have the misfortune of seeing. But hey, to each their own.

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