Wednesday, May 18

Traffic Jams: HEALTH – ‘STONEFIST’

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Some people (often fans of the Mountain Goats) will tell you that lyrics are the most important part of music. Others (often fans of 100 gecs) will tell you that music’s feeling, its sound, its texture is what matters most. Sometimes, though, you just want a middle ground: Something like HEALTH.

I first came across HEALTH through satellite radio early in college, while working at a dealership that offered free SiriusXM in all new cars for a few months. They had a college radio-type station, playing the sorts of artists that probably wouldn’t get airtime on Top 40 for another few years (if ever), and that station played the hell out of STONEFIST. I never got tired of it.

HEALTH’s style is noisy, aggressive, even industrial at times, and sounds fantastic through a nice set of speakers or headphones. This album is a go-to choice for mixing the EQ in your car stereo — you’re stuck in traffic anyway, why not give it a shot?

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