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Who Should Direct The Next Fast And Furious Movie?

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Fast X, the first half of the two-part finale that will end the Fast and Furious saga, is now without a director. Justin Lin, the man who through equal measures of grace and cruelty both gave us Han and took Han from us, will no longer helm the project. This poses a big question: Who should?

Yesterday, I suggested the Wachowskis, and I stand by that suggestion. Not only is Speed Racer a better film than many think, but it hits the same balance of high-speed action sequences and quiet, meaningful family moments that made The Fast And The Furious so much more than a Point Break ripoff. Sure, the Wachowskis could make a perfect bullet-time car chase sequence, but they could also craft a perfect cookout — arguably more important for the series.

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Of course, good action is still necessary, and the Wachowskis have that handled. There’s no doubt in my mind that the directors who brought us the original Smith/Neo fight could handle Dom and the team going up against Aquaman. Even the original movie’s CGI engine bay fly-throughs are essentially bullet time sequences — just swapping the bullets for pistons and rods.

Lana and Lily Wachowski, if they wanted, could make the best Fast Saga film since Tokyo Drift — if not the best of the series, full stop. But that’s just my opinion, and we’re here to hear yours as well. Who would you pick to send the Fast Saga off into that great Criterion Collection in the sky?

Would you choose Michael Bay’s bombastic style, or do you prefer a more pastel Wes Anderson approach? Did Edgar Wright prove his automotive chops with Baby Driver, or do you want Nicolas Winding Refn of Drive (2011) fame? Should the series just get weird with it, under the reign of Julia Ducournau? Give your best ideas in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorites tomorrow.

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