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The 122 Corvettes Damaged Via Tornado at GM’s Kentucky Factory are Being Parted Out on eBay

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Screenshot: Stricker Auto Parts via eBay

I’m sure you all remember the devastating storm system that produced tornadoes across six different states and slammed into GM’s Bowling Green Assembly Plant last December. Needless to say, it messed up a very large number of Corvettes that had yet to see the light of day or their destined owners. In total, 122 Corvettes were damaged in the storms and General Motors sealed their fates to be destroyed.

Now it seems those Corvettes – in part (ha) – will have the opportunity to live on. Road and Track reports a user on the forum CorvetteBlogger found a whole bunch of brand new Corvette parts listed on eBay by Stricker Auto Parts. Those 2022 Corvette bits appear to be pulled from cars that in some cases show 0 miles on the odometer.

Since cars always leave the factory with a few miles on them, it’s safe to say these are cars that never got finished. Plus, CorvetteBlogger notes that the listings that show full cars have X’s on the windshield, which the site spotted on the tornado cars in drone footage from the factory.

R&T also says that you can’t really tell if all 122 of the written off ‘Vettes have been parted out by the same seller.

According to the Robb Report, all of the damaged C8’s were set to be demolished, as it turns out that may not have been the case.

Currently there are about 250 active listings on Stricker’s eBay page. You can get just about anything your heart desires – from door panels and suspension pieces, to windshield washer reservoirs and even complete LT2 engines. If you’re curious – a brand new LT2 engine will set you back $8,999.99 with free shipping!

I’m not 100 percent certain, but if you have enough money and willpower, you could likely build an entire 2022 Corvette using just parts from Stricker’s eBay page.

We’ve reached out to General Motors for a comment, and will update the story when and if we get one.

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