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Here Are The Brands You Say Built The Fewest Trash Cars

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“Since I’ve only seen one answer for a company that has made more than one model and more than 1000 units per year, I’m gonna nominate Porsche.

Arguably, their “worst” cars are:

-the 914 which gave the world a cheap excellent handling car in a unique looking package that are still loved by many today.

-the Panamera that pretty much comes out on top of any comparison test with other German/Italian/British sports sedans.

-the Cayenne in which Porsche was handed a platform and turned it into the most Porsche SUV they could, and again comes out on top of nearly every comparison test with contemporaries.

-the Macan (see Cayenne).

Even if you don’t agree with the concept behind a given car, Porsche has never half-assed it. They always strive to build best performing version of whatever segment they are going after.”

Another good offering! Porsche has made some amazing vehicles, and very few bad ones. The 914 was dog shit though. I don’t get how anyone could possibly find one even vaguely appealing. Terrible styling an an agricultural-at-best four popper engine did it absolutely no favors. They’ve since atoned for their sins though.

If you’re wondering what the commenter meant by his first sentence, buckle up. The slides are about to get weird.

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