Tuesday, May 24

Traffic Jams: Carrie Underwood Ft. Ludacris – ‘The Champion’

Happy Tuesday! The weekend is long over and for some, Tuesday is really just a second Monday. Today’s track is a motivational one to help you (and myself) gear up for the day ahead: Carrie Underwood featuring Ludacris with “The Champion”!

I’m not much of a playlist person. When I get into my car I usually just hit the shuffle button in an app and let the music flow. Or maybe I’ll choose specific songs. The exception to that rule is a playlist that I have called “hype songs.” As you know, things haven’t always been all Smart Fortwos and diesel Volkswagen Touaregs for me, and I found safety in my car. I also found happiness in music.

In-between the Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and the like, I had songs that I would play to amp me up for a long day or to bring me up when I’m sad. For a long time, that song was R. Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest until American Idol season four winner Carrie Underwood dropped “The Champion.”

I hope that you too, are getting hyped up for your day, no matter what you listen to. Have a great rest of the week, everyone!



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