Saturday, May 14

These Are The Cars You Think Need A Performance Boost

A photo of the Mazda Miata at sunset.

Photo: Mazda

“The answer, as always, is Miata. I’m not saying they need to make a 400hp tire shredder but even Mazda’s turbo Mazda 3 is quicker to 60 than its sports car stablemate.

“I get that the Miata isn’t about straight line speed, but it’s also not about being downright slow. And I’m sorry if this feels like sacrilege but in 2022, a car that does 0-60 in 6 seconds is slow.

“Even giving the Miata an optional 230hp engine to target the new Toyobaru GR86/BRZ would be amazing.”

The top of the line Miata packs 181 hp into a car that weighs just 2,341 pounds. So, it isn’t crying out for a massive upgrade, but a smidge more power would make this, and a lot of other, posters very happy.

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