Monday, May 16

What Car Is In Need Of A Performance Boost?

A photo fo a grey Mazda 3 Hatchback driving on a road.

Make it faster, please?
Photo: Mazda

Not every car needs to be fast. They don’t have to be great at cornering, comfortable taking on any terrain or fearsome when flat out. But it is always nice when they do come with a bit more “oomph.” Sadly, that isn’t an option on every car, and some are left in desperate need of a performance boost.

So, what cars out there do you think could do with a bit more bang for your buck?

Whether it’s an off-roader in need of a bit more clearance, a hot-hatch that’s crying out for better handling or a luxury sedan that desperately needs better acceleration, we want to know.

Maybe you’ve seen the newly-announced Toyota GR Corolla and think they should GR-ize the rest of the lineup? Do you think a high-performance hybrid like a GR Prius is something we all need?

Or perhaps you like what Ford is offering with the Bronco Raptor and want those same impressive capabilities in a van, where’s the Transit Raptor when you need one?

I think, really, the correct answer here is something small and nimble that is crying out for a bit more power, a nicer gearbox and a slightly improved interior. Clearly, we need a hot Mazda 3 hatchback right now. It’s the car we all deserve.

Imagine a little Mazda 3 hatch that you could thrash around a racetrack for one minute, then stop off and stock up on groceries on your way home? Give the stock car a little more power, some slightly flared wheel arches, a big wing and a nice manual shifter and there you have it. The real car for the people.

But that’s just my dream scenario. What car do you think is in desperate need of a performance boost? Head to the comments section below and let us know your top picks.

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