Tuesday, May 17

Dodge Viper Wipes Out In Foolish Street Race With Acura Integra

In this viral video of a street race between a Dodge Viper and an Acura Integra, it’s clear what happens: The guy driving the Dodge Viper wiped out, as Vipers do, but I’m still placing at least some of the blame on the Integra owner.

You knew this would happen, and you still did it. You likely helped take a Viper out of this world. I hope you can live with yourself. It’s not like Dodge Viper owners can help themselves. They aren’t ever going to turn down a race, and they’re going to crash.

Luckily, the driver in this Viper was able to get out of the car all on his own after likely totaling his Viper into a Goodyear Tire sign. The video has been reposted several times, and not much is known for sure about the event or the crash. Several YouTube reposters placed this crash in Dayton, Ohio, and you can clearly see Dayton’s downtown in the background. Those same reposters mention the crash occurred while leaving a car meet which, yeah that also tracks.

In the end, this was a very predictable turn of events. Folks don’t always understand the kinds of machines they’ve signed up for. That big old 8-liter, V10 is sending a ton of torque to the rear wheels and if your tires are old (as can often happen with classic cars) or your traction is compromised by weather or unfamiliar surfaces it’s easy to lose control.

Dodge only built about 31,800 Vipers during the models long run between 1992 and 2016, so every loss hurts. And there are plenty of painful examples, like this Viper leaving a car meet in California:

Or this one, somewhere in Florida:

And of course Houston:

My guys, these aren’t like some common Ford Mustangs for you to be crashing around car meets. Being a Dodge Viper owner is a sacred stewardship for future generations. Everyone already knows you’re a badass, you’re driving a Viper! Save the street racing to the kids in the Integras with less to lose and more to prove. Or maybe just don’t act like dicks on public roads at all.


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