Monday, May 23

Rocketman Returns With Another Jet-Powered Mirth Mobile

We are unashamedly a Robert “Rocketman” Maddox stan site, but his latest video posted this weeks made me just a tad worried about the speed freak’s safety process.

Maddox posted the maidan voyage of his latest jet-engine go kart, the Dragon, on his YouTube channel, and even he seemed a little hesitant to try the beast out. That might be because it currently has no brakes and all that is separating him from the jet is a flimsy race seat. He has also mentioned in the past how super dangerous it is for him to be driving one-handed. Could someone get my mans a mountable Go-Pro rig already?:

He fired up the engine before sitting in the hot seat, and even he seemed a little intimidated by the fire-belching, droning creature he hath wrought. Here are a few quotes from the video:

“Taking it for a spin, just a short one cause I don’t have any brakes…”

“Kinda scary!”

“…Probably better to have somebody here.”

Then, before even firing up the massive engine for the drive, he made this confidence-reducing face:

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But in true Rocketman fashion, he was absolutely delighted once he had the desert wind in his beard. A fireball was enough to end the first test drive after a couple of seconds, however. He explained he gave the Dragon a little too much fuel to put it out. It’s another moment where we are reminded that maybe Robert’s hairstyle choices aren’t the wisest for a guy who works around jet engines. Then again, Robert has been working with these engines since he was 17 years old, according to Silodrome. He’s built beautiful jet-powered motorcycles and a slightly less beautiful jet-powered Jaguar S-Type. So what do I know about hairstyles of the fast and fabulous.

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