Sunday, May 15

The 10 Most Embarrassing Mistakes You Can Make While Driving

Danger zone! And Green Pig was in the middle of it:

I was driving from a funeral in Pennsylvania with my grieving aunt in the passenger seat. I entered the PA turnpike from Rt. 611, and in my distracted state, accidentally drove down the off-ramp, into on-coming traffic, directly into the path of a Schneider Logistics tractor-trailer. (Isn’t it weird the little things you notice when you’re about to die?)

Amazingly, the trucker was able to avoid me. My aunt, who moments earlier crying hysterically, was now screaming bloody murder, telling me to turn the car around. I wanted nothing more than to comply, but the cars coming off the turnpike were too many and too fast for me to do so. Eventually, a PA state trooper flew up the ramp and stopped traffic long enough for me to get turned around.

My little goof earned me a breath-a-lizer test, a $130.00 traffic ticket, a mention on the afternoon traffic report, 30 more minutes of my aunt yelling at me and having the story re-told every Thanksgiving.

Every. Fucking. Thanksgiving.

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