Tuesday, May 17

Traffic Jams: Skating Polly — ‘Oddie Moore’

Every so often, I come across a band that I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before. Last year, that band was Skating Polly — and I rediscovered them yet again last week. Now, it’s your time to listen to ‘em, too.

Skating Polly was founded in 2009 by multi-instrumentalist stepsisters Kelly Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, who were nine and 14 at the time. “Oddie Moore” is part of The Big Fit, which was released in 2016 — meaning Mayo was 16 and Bighorse was 21. Like, imagine being in your early 20s and having four exceptional albums under your belt already.

“Oddie Moore” is an oddity; where Mayo usually sings, Bighorse occasionally takes over, and this is one of those songs. She has one hell of a voice and writes exceptional lyrics, and while Mayo isn’t exactly a traditional frontwoman in the sense that she’s the only singer, she’s the one casual fans associate with the band.

But man, Bighorse just kills it. She’s an underrated vocalist, and I wish more people knew about her. And about Skating Polly, generally. Because hell yeah, girl power.


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